When starting a business, Oregon residents certainly need to know about the ins and outs of company operations. In particular, they need to understand how to keep their businesses running smoothly and in good financial standing. As a result, it is vital that future business owners understand capital.

Some parties may think that they already know the important aspects of capital, such as needing it to get a business up and running. However, financial capital is only one type of capital, and even it has its subsets. For instance, a company can have financial capital that falls into the categories of debt and equity. Debt capital refers to bank loans, credit card debt, personal loans and other similar financial factors representing liabilities. Equity capital refers to the assets of the company and funds obtained through the sale of stock.

Another type of capital that is important to a company is human capital. Though this type of capital does not necessarily have a monetary value, it can contribute substantially to the success of a company. Human capital refers to the skills and abilities that employees bring to the business and how the well-being of those employees could contribute to a more efficient workplace.

It can take time to understand capital and how the different types can affect various aspects of a company. If a future business owner only focuses on financial capital, it could undermine the success of the company. If Oregon residents have questions regarding capital and other aspects of getting their businesses off the ground, they may want to speak with experienced business law attorneys.