If a worker believes that he or she has experienced wrongdoing on the job or that wrongdoing involving others has occurred, that person may choose to file a formal complaint. In some cases, these complaints could go to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for review. If Oregon residents who work in local government do file such complaints, they may want to remain on the lookout for retaliation.

Employers could respond to EEOC complaints in various ways. However, if they do not respond properly it could spell trouble for the employees. For instance, an employer could simply disregard the complaint and do nothing about it. As a result, the issue may not be addressed, and further action may be needed in order to ensure that the complaint obtains the attention it deserves.

Additionally, an employer could retaliate against a worker or workers who filed the complaint. Some employers may simply feel vengeful because of the complaint filed against them, especially if it is determined that the claim had no supporting evidence. Still, if workers do face retaliation, they may have reason to file additional complaints about being mistreated on the job after filing a report with the EEOC.

It can certainly be difficult for individuals in local government to come forward with complaints due to the fear of retaliation or that those complaints will otherwise go unaddressed. Still, Oregon workers have the right to address wrongdoing in the workplace and to have their voices heard. If individuals believe that they have been retaliated against after filing complaints against their employers, they may want to gain information on additional legal options.