It is not unusual for Oregon residents who work in local government or other city employment positions to not fully understand how to report issues at their places of employment. In some cases, parties may believe that wage issues have occurred in regard to their pay, and it is possible that an employer may have unlawfully withheld wages, not paid overtime or otherwise violated wage-related law. If this happens, it may be wise for employees to file reports.

Filing a formal report can certainly be a significant step to take. However, it is important that individuals understand that they do have options for ensuring that any violations against them are addressed. Parties can formally file complaints with the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor in efforts to have their concerns explored by the appropriate authorities.

When filing a report, it is important to include the right information. Individuals need to detail their personal and contact information as well as the contact information for their employers and type of businesses those employers operate. Employees also need to state their job titles, the type of duties they perform, how much they should receive as payment, how they are paid and how often they are paid. The complaint should also include information about the violations believed to have occurred and dates of those violations.

The more information individuals can provide about their concerns, the more helpful their reports may be when it comes to investigations. Wage issues can cause a domino effect of problems for workers, and no one wants to receive less compensation than they have rightfully earned. Oregon employees who believe that they have faced such wrongdoing may find it helpful to approach legal professionals about their concerns and options.