Many older Oregon residents undoubtedly enjoy their jobs as city employees. They may continue to look forward to their duties and the interactions they have with numerous people on a daily basis. However, it may be disheartening to some older workers when they face employment discrimination.

It was recently reported that a survey was conducted that looked at age discrimination in the workplace. The results of the survey found that 60% of individuals age 60 or older believe that older employees do face discrimination in the workplace, and 43% of individuals younger than 45 held the same belief. A substantial number of those polled who are over the age of 60 indicated that they feel that their age does put them at a disadvantage when attempting to find employment.

Additionally, some respondents also indicated that they had personally been passed over for a promotion, raise or other opportunities to excel in the workplace due to their age. One man in particular stated that he had been passed over for jobs for years simply because he was of an older age even though he was overqualified. Another example includes a woman who believes she was let go soon after being hired because her experience qualified her for a higher salary and a younger person could be hired for lesser pay.

Facing any type of employment discrimination can be difficult for any Oregon worker to handle. This type of discrimination may mean being passing over for advancement, not being hired at all or being mistreated while on the job. If city workers believe that they have been discriminated against due to their ages or other protected characteristics, they may wish to gain information on their legal options.