It is not unusual for workers to find themselves in dilemmas when it comes to reporting issues within a company. Some workers may honestly report an issue to their superiors and believe that the problem will be handled but then feel shocked when those superiors attempt to brush off the issue. If the problem is serious enough, the worker may feel the need to take additional action and seek whistleblower protection.

Salem readers may be interested in such a case that recently began in another state. According to reports, the worker was a city employee for the IT department, and during the course of his duties, he discovered major security issues within the department. He learned that sensitive employee information, like personal information and Social Security numbers, was exposed and that over $500,000 had been stolen from the city by hackers.

The man reported the issues, and within 90 days, he was terminated from his position. The city claims that the dismissal occurred due to the man providing misinformation and due to his failure to follow management direction. However, the man believes that the firing occurred as retaliation for disclosing the serious issues and has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the city as a result.

Deciding to blow the whistle on wrongdoing can be an anxiety-inducing thought, especially for city employees. As this case shows, workers who do expose major problems may need to pursue whistleblower protection while addressing their situations. Discussing this possible course of action with Salem attorneys may help concerned individuals understand their best options.